“Solar Bread” Project @ Brickfields Bakery, NSW Australia

Quality Solar, with German Quality Standards.

Another powerful quality project with 100KW aleo solar panels in NSW, Australia at Brickfields Bakery that supports the environment and also in what we like to call, the making of “Solar Bread”.

Over the 25years that the aleo panels are factory guaranteed to work, about 2.8GWh of green electricity harvested from the sun will be produced. That’s about 187,000 m2 of natural habitat or roughly the same size as 717 double tennis courts!
This is such an important project, especially to a bakery as it creates a positive chain reaction! Drastically reducing CO2 emissions from Brickfields also means that many-many people in Sydney have their CO2 footprint reduced simply by enjoying crusty bread loaves and fluffy croissants!
It’s critical that the food industry picks up pace implementing responsible corporate policies and adopts quality solar giving back to the environment as well as the community

The solar system was installed by Inspire Energy, a highly experienced solar pv & battery specialist, a CEC Approved Solar Retailer, a SEC Accredited Master Installer and an accredited member of the Aleo Power Network in Australia.

Great technologies for a quality PV system.

aleo solar is a German quality leader recognized as one of the most trustworthy photovoltaic module manufacturers in the world. Part of SAS Group, aleo solar has a history of 20yrs in providing the highest quality standards by operating one dedicated production plant in Prenzlau Germany. Solar engineering and technology Made in Germany providing safety of investment for the commercial and residential sectors with 25 years product guarantee.

Outstanding German quality on this project is also ensured by the German leading specialist in the photovoltaic inverter technology, SMA Australia with a dedicated Sydney-based team offering the highest level of technical support in Australia.

On the performance monitoring front, a crucial partner on the project is Australian Solar Analytics providing a personalized and comprehensive analysis of the solar power system’s performance.

Alemar Energy Pty Ltd is the Official Partner of aleo solar GmbH for Australia.
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